Vonda M Hayes

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PURPOSE To describe responses of family physicians, their medical colleagues, and coworker raters to a multisource feedback assessment process. METHOD Data collection tools included multisource feedback self-assessment and medical colleague, coworker, and patient rating forms; and program evaluation physician and rater questionnaires. RESULTS The pilot(More)
War veterans in long-term care are usually elderly; consequently, a significant proportion of them are admitted with a terminal illness or will develop one within a short time. To meet the need for a palliative service in long-term care, a project was organized using a Special Projects Nurse to introduce the service. The service uses an interdisciplinary(More)
This article, written from the perceptive of a practising community physician, examines the servies available in the field of geriatric care at the present time. It suggests integration and co-ordination of existing facilities to maximize the current potential. It also considers the economic, geographical, and ethical concerns relating to geriatric care. It(More)
OBJECTIVES Our study explored community preceptors' perceptions of their teaching role, to better understand effective ambulatory and community-based teaching. METHODS Bandura's social cognitive theory and Schön's notion of reflective practice guided conceptual development of an interview exploring preceptors' views of their role, teaching goals, teaching(More)
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