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Fuzzy ARTMAP is one of the families of the neural network architectures bused on ART(Adaptive Resonance Theory) in which supervised learning can be curried out. However, it usually tends to create more categories than are actually needed. This often causes the so culled overfitting problem, namely the performunce of the networks in test set is not(More)
Drug resistance has now posed more severe and emergent threats to human health and infectious disease treatment. However, wet-lab approaches alone to counter drug resistance have so far still achieved limited success due to less knowledge about the underlying mechanisms of drug resistance. Our approach apply a heuristic search algorithm in order to extract(More)
In a grid computing environment, each client has its own job represented as a workflow composed of tasks that require multiple types of computational resources to complete. Developing a mechanism that schedules these workflows to efficiently utilize limited amounts of resources in the grid is a challenging problem. This paper takes a market-oriented(More)
Effective information retrieval (IR) using domain knowledge and semantics is one of the major challenges in IR. In this paper we propose a framework that can facilitate image retrieval based on a sharable domain ontology and thesaurus. In particular, case-based learning (CBL) using a natural language phrase parser is proposed to convert a natural language(More)
Systematic approach for drug discovery is an emerging discipline in systems biology research area. It aims at integrating interaction data and experimental data to elucidate diseases and also raises new issues in drug discovery for cancer treatment. However, drug target discovery is still at a trial-and-error experimental stage and it is a challenging task(More)