Volpicelli Giovanni

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A strong paroxysmal positional horizontal nystagmus accompanied by symptoms similar to those of paroxysmal positional vertigo (PPV) can be observed in a small fraction of patients who have positional vertigo. This nystagmus may be a lateral canal variant of PPV. We evaluated nine patients who had episodes of prolonged, intense positional vertigo provoked by(More)
First described by Klemperer and Rabin in 1931, solitary fibrous tumour of the pleura (SFTP) is a mesenchymal tumour that tends to involve the pleura, although it has also been described in other thoracic areas (mediastinum, pericardium and pulmonary parenchyma) and in extrathoracic sites (meninges, epiglottis, salivary glands, thyroid, kidneys and breast).(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate fixation stability using two different fixation targets with the Nidek MP1 microperimeter. Twenty-nine healthy subjects with a mean age of 26.53 ± 7.35 years and visual acuity ≥0.0 logMAR were enrolled in this study. Fifty-eight eyes of 29 patients without ophthalmic and/or systemic disease underwent a fixation test(More)
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