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Let Ω ⊂ R 2 be a smooth bounded simply connected domain. We consider the simplified Ginzburg-Landau energy E ε (u) = 1 2 ˆ Ω |∇u| 2 + 1 4ε 2 ˆ Ω (1 − |u| 2) 2 , where u : Ω → C. We prescribe |u| = 1 and deg (u, ∂Ω) = 1. In this setting, there are no minimizers of E ε. Using a mountain pass approach, we obtain existence of critical points of E ε for large ε.(More)
We demonstrate that in mesoscopic type II superconductors with the lateral size commensurate with London penetration depth, the ground state of vortices pinned by homogeneously distributed columnar defects can form a hierarchical nested domain structure. Each domain is characterized by an average number of vortices trapped at a single pinning site within a(More)
The results of analyzing the reproductive qualities of purebred and crossbred pigs obtained from regionalized and imported animals are given. The best two- and three-breed crosses with a high heterotic effect with respect to fattening and meat qualities are revealed.
The results of monitoring the main productivity indices of pigs bred for a long time in the Stavropol krai and presently imported breeds are given. The adaptation level of natural resistance, which indicates better survival of progeny of local genotypes, is established.
A combined index of reproductive qualities (CIRQ) is used for evaluating the reproductive productivity of sows of different genotypes, the index V 100 * for evaluating young replacement stock, and the index for evaluating fattening qualities. The best crossing variants are revealed as a result of using the index evaluations: Large White of the(More)
We consider the location of near boundary vortices which arise in the study of minimizing sequences of Ginzburg-Landau functional with degree boundary condition. As the problem is not well-posed — minimizers do not exist, we consider a regularized problem which corresponds physically to the presence of a superconducting layer at the boundary. The study of(More)
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