Volodymyr Pavlyuk

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The title non-stoichiometric penta-lanthanum zinc diplumbide, La5Zn1-x Pb2+x (x ≃ 0.6), was prepared from the elements in an evacuated silica ampoule. It adopts the Nb5Sn2Si-type structure (space group I4/mcm, Pearson symbol tI32), a ternary ordered superstructure of the W5Si3 type. Among the four independent crystallographic positions, three are fully(More)
Penta-zirconium copper tribismuth, Zr5CuBi3, crystallizes in the hexa-gonal Hf5CuSn3 structure type. The asymmetric unit contains two Zr sites (site symmetries 3.2 and m2m), one Cu site (site symmetry 3.m) and one Bi site (site symmetry m2m). The environment of the Bi atoms is a tetra-gonal anti-prism with one added atom and a coordination number (CN) of 9.(More)
The quaternary thulium nickel/lithium distannide, TmNi1-x Li x Sn2 (x = 0.035), crystallizes in the ortho-rhom-bic LuNiSn2 structure type. The asymmetric unit contains three Tm sites, six Sn sites, two Ni sites and one Ni/Li site [relative occupancies = 0.895 (8):0.185 (8)]. Site symmetries are .m. for all atoms. The 17-, 18- and 19-vertex distorted(More)
The crystal structure of the already known binary title compound LaZn(5) (lanthanum penta-zinc) (space group P6/mmm, Pearson symbol hP6, CaCu(5) structure type) has been redetermined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. In contrast to previous determinations based on X-ray powder data [Nowotny (1942). Z. Metallkd.34, 247-253; de Negri et al. (2008).(More)
The new terbium (lithium zinc) distannide, TbLi(1-x)Zn(x)Sn(2) (x = 0.2) crystallizes in the ortho-rhom-bic CeNiSi(2) structure type with space group Cmcm and Pearson symbol oS16. Of the four independent 4c atom positions (m2m site symmetry), three are fully occupied by individual atoms (two by Sn and one by Tb atoms) and the fourth is occupied by Li and Zn(More)
The new ternary phase penta-terbium lithium tris-tannide, Tb(5)LiSn(3), crystallizes in the hexa-gonal Hf(5)CuSn(3) structure type, which is a 'filled' version of the binary RE(5)Sn(3) phases (Mn(5)Si(3)-type) (RE is rare earth). The asymmetric unit contains two Tb sites (site symmetries 3.2 and m2m), one Li site (site symmetry [Formula: see text].m) and(More)
The title compound (lanthanum dodecazinc), LaZn(12.37 (1)), is confirmed to be a nonstoichiometric (zinc-deficient) modification of the NaZn(13) structure type, in which one Zn atom (Wyckoff site 8b, site symmetry m[Formula: see text]) has a fractional site occupancy of 0.372 (11). The other Zn atom (96i, m) and the La atom (8a, 432) are fully occupied. The(More)
The title compound, terbium hexa-niobium hexastannide, TbNb(6)Sn(6), is the first ternary compound from the rare earth-niobium-tin system. It has the HfFe(6)Ge(6) structure type, which can be analysed as an inter-growth of the Zr(4)Al(3) and CaCu(5) structures. All the atoms lie on special positions; their coordination geometries and site symmetries are: Tb(More)
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