Volodymyr Pavlyuk

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The crystal structure of the already known binary title compound LaZn(5) (lanthanum penta-zinc) (space group P6/mmm, Pearson symbol hP6, CaCu(5) structure type) has been redetermined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. In contrast to previous determinations based on X-ray powder data [Nowotny (1942). Z. Metallkd.34, 247-253; de Negri et al. (2008).(More)
The synthesis and characterization of a new ternary dilanthanum lithium hexagermanide, La(2)LiGe(6-x) (x = 0.21), belonging to the Pr(2)LiGe(6) structure type, and a quaternary dilanthanum lithium tetragermanium disilicide, La(2)LiGe(4)Si(2), which crystallizes as an ordered variant of this type, are reported. In both structures, Li is on a site of mmm(More)
A single crystal of penta-lanthanum dizinc stannide, La(5)Zn(2)Sn, was obtained from the elements in a resistance furnace. It belongs to the Mo(5)SiB(2) structure type, which is a ternary ordered variant of the Cr(5)B(3) structure type. The space is filled by bicapped tetra-gonal anti-prisms from lanthanum atoms around tin atoms sharing their vertices. Zinc(More)
The quaternary thulium nickel/lithium distannide, TmNi1-x Li x Sn2 (x = 0.035), crystallizes in the ortho-rhom-bic LuNiSn2 structure type. The asymmetric unit contains three Tm sites, six Sn sites, two Ni sites and one Ni/Li site [relative occupancies = 0.895 (8):0.185 (8)]. Site symmetries are .m. for all atoms. The 17-, 18- and 19-vertex distorted(More)
The (3+1)-dimensional modulated structure of the LiZn(4 - x) (x = 0.825) binary compound has been determined in the superspace. The compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic superspace group Cmcm(α00)0s0 with a = 2.7680 (6), b = 4.7942 (6), c = 4.3864 (9) Å, modulation wavevector: q ≃ 4/7a*. The structure is a derivative from the hexagonal close packing.(More)
Single crystals of pentaerbium trinickel trialuminium tetragermanium were synthesized from the elements by arc-melting. The novel compound crystallizes in the space group Pmmn, e6b2a, with all nine crystallographically unique atoms in special positions of site symmetries m.. and mm2. This compound represents a new ordered variant of the NbCoB type. Its(More)
Alloys from the ternary Li-Al-Sn system have been investigated with respect to possible applications as negative electrode materials in Li-ion batteries. This led to the discovery of a new ternary compound, a superstructure of the Li13Sn5 binary compound. The ternary stannide, Li9Al4Sn5 (nonalithium tetraaluminium pentastannide; trigonal, P-3m1, hP18),(More)
The new ternary intermetallic title compounds, namely trilanthanum undeca(zinc/magnesium), La(3)(Zn(0.874)Mg(0.126))(11), (I), and tricerium undeca(zinc/magnesium), Ce(3)(Zn(0.863)Mg(0.137))(11), (II), are isostructural and crystallize in the orthorhombic La(3)Al(11) structure type. These three phases belong to the same structural family, the representative(More)
The structure of lanthanum tetrazinc, LaZn(4), has been determined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data for the first time, approximately 70 years after its discovery. The compound exhibits a new structure type in the space group Cmcm, with one La atom and two Zn atoms occupying sites with m2m symmetry, and one Zn atom occupying a site with 2..(More)
The new ternary lithium copper aluminide, Li(12)Cu(16+x)Al(26-x) (x = 3.2), dodecalithium nonadecacopper tricosaaluminide, crystallizes in a new structure type with space group P4/mbm. Among nine independent atomic positions, two Al (one of which is statistically disordered with Cu) and three Li atoms have point symmetry m.2m, two statistically disordered(More)