Volodymyr Makarov

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The authors studied the effect of single intake of bymetil (0.5 g) and phenibut (0.25 g) on the thermal state, gas-energy exchange, blood oxygenation, working capacity, and the subjective status of man in intensive physical exertion in isolating means of individual protection. The drugs under study increased thermal resistance, promoted normal supply of the(More)
On 36,536 abdominal operations, in 36 patients (0.1%) there was necessary to perform a relaparotomy due to intraabdominal hemorrhage, of whom in 28 patients this complication arised after emergency surgical interventions, while in 8 cases after elective surgery. The cause of bleeding in 26 patients were technical mistakes during the first intervention, in(More)
The main objective of this report is construction and justification of the new mathematical models for anisotropic nonhomogeneous visco-poro-elastic, piezo-electric and electrically conductive binary mixture and their application in case of thin-walled structures with variable thickness in thermodynamic and stationary nonlinear problems of definition of(More)
The authors have performed an analysis of results of 242 emergent laparoscopies fulfilled in patients aged from 15 to 89 years. No acute surgical diseases were found in 103 cases. In 56 patients there were chronic diseases of organs of the abdominal cavity, 47 patients had no such pathology. Further examination established diseases of organs of the thoracic(More)
Analysed herein are the outcomes of endoscopic dissection of perforating veins (EDPV) in a total of 113 patients presenting with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Of these, 71 patients suffered from varicose disease (VD) and 42 subjects had postthrombophlebic disease (PTPD). 54.9 % of the patients were in CEAP class C5-6. All of them underwent EDPV(More)
The modified method of surgery was used in 48 patients aged 4 to 15. Urethra plasty was fulfilled in 43 patients. The 2nd step of urethroplasty in 3 patients was complicated by formation of point fistulas caused by suture suppuration in 2 patients and by a failed operation technique in 1 patient. The main advantage of this method is creation of supply of(More)