Volodymyr Hrynkiv

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For a given nonzero bounded linear operator A on a Banach space X, we show that if A or A∗ has an eigenvalue then, except when the dimension of X is equal to two and the trace of A is zero, there exists a bounded linear operator B on X such that (i) AB + BA is of rank one, and (ii) I + f (A)B is invertible for every function f analytic in a neighborhood of(More)
Two numerical algorithms based on variational iteration and decomposition methods are developed to solve a linear partial integro-differential equation with a weakly singular kernel arising from viscoelasticity. In addition, analytic solution is re-derived by using the variational iteration method and decomposition method.
We consider an optimal control problem of a system of parabolic partial differential equations modelling the competition between an invasive and a native species. The motivating example is cottonwood-salt cedar competition, where the effect of disturbance in the system (such as flooding) is taken to be a control variable. Flooding being detrimental at low(More)
Pierce's disease (PD) is a fatal disease of grapevines which results from an infection by the plant pathogen Xyllela fastidiosa. This bacterium grows in the xylem (water-conducting) vessels of the plant blocking movement of water. PD can kill vines in one year and poses a serious threat to both the California and the expanding Texas wine industries.(More)
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