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Single-phase samples of the compounds K8Al8Si38 (1), Rb8Al8Si38 (2), and Cs7.9Al7.9Si38.1 (3) were obtained with high crystallinity and in good quantities by using a novel flux method with two different flux materials, such as Al and the respective alkali-metal halide salt (KBr, RbCl, and CsCl). This approach facilitates the removal of the product mixture(More)
An investigation into the substitution effects in Li15 Si4 , which is discussed as metastable phase that forms during electrochemical charging and discharging cycles in silicon anode materials, is presented. The novel partial substitution of lithium by magnesium and zinc is reported and the results are compared to those obtained for aluminum substitution.(More)
Based on a general approach to binary systems we show that in low density region asymmetric nuclear matter (ANM) is unstable only against isoscalarlike fluctuations. The physical meaning of the thermodynamical chemical and mechanical instabilities is related to the inequality relations verified by the strength of interaction among different components.(More)
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