Volodymyr Arbatov

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The well-known shift to parallelism in CPUs is often associated with multicores. However another trend is equally salient: the increasing parallelism in per-core single-instruction multiple-date (SIMD) vector units. Intel's SSE and IBM's VMX (compatible to AltiVec) both offer 4-way (single precision) floating point, but the recent Intel instruction sets AVX(More)
In this paper, we describe a program generator for physical layer (PHY) baseband processing in a software-defined radio implementation. The input of the generator is a very highlevel platform-independent description of the transmitter and receiver PHY functionality, represented in a domain-specific declarative language called Operator Language (OL). The(More)
We present a software-only implementation of an IEEE 802.11a (WiFi) receiver optimized for Intel multicore platforms. The receiver is about 50 times faster than a straightforward C implementation, i.e., an implementation that has the same functionality, but leaves optimization completely to the compiler. Our hand-optimized implementation achieves real-time(More)
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