Volodymyr Antoniv

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We studied the effects of regional lymphotropic immunostimulating therapy on alterations in immunoglobulins levels both in blood serum and paranasal sinuses mucosal secretion in patients with acute and chronic purulent sinusitis. Solutions of tactivin, lidase and novocain were administered into the area of the submaxillary lymph nodes. The effect was(More)
Thirty-seven patients (15 women and 22 men), aged 22 to 67 years, with various frontal sinus pathologies were examined. The pathology was unilateral in all the patients. The following pathologies were identified: mucocele of frontal sinuses--2 cases; mucocele of the frontoethmoid area--4 cases; acute frontitis--5 cases; exacerbation of chronic frontitis(More)
Clinical outcomes have been analyzed for 50 patients with malignant tumors in the external acoustic meatus (EAM) and the middle ear (ME). The patients have received combined therapy with pre- or postoperative radiation. Combined treatment for EAM and ME cancer is a method of choice which increases survival of patients and improves quality of their lives. In(More)
The addition of nebulizer therapy with antiedematous, steroid and mucolytic drugs to antibacterial therapy in patients with different forms of acute laryngitis was assessed. Basing on the main symptoms of the disease, three variants of nebulizer therapy were proposed. As shown by the results of treatment of 48 patients with catarrhal laryngitis, 19 patients(More)