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For tropical and subtropical soils, information is scarce regarding the global warming potential (GWP) of no-till (NT) agriculture systems. Soil organic carbon (OC) sequestration is promoted by NT agriculture, but this may be offset by increased nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions. We assessed the GWP of a NT as compared to conventional tillage (CT) in a(More)
The survival and cast production of the tropical endogeic earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus and the changes in chemical and physical characteristics induced by gut passage were studied over an 80-day period in soils contaminated with different levels of Pb. The soils were from a Pb mining area in the state of Paraná, SE Brazil, and ranged from clayey to(More)
The combined application of humic substances and mycorrhizal inocula under increased CO2 in the air is a promising horticultural technique for improving the quality of greenhouse-grown onion seedlings. The objective of this study was to evaluate if the development and qualitative characteristics of bulbs from the yellow onion Allium cepa L. Alfa São(More)
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