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During the Fennoscandian ice recession from the eastern Baltic area, the water level in the Lake Peipsi basin was decreasing and reached a minimum at the end of the Younger Dryas Chronozone. The low lake level episode is represented in the basal deposits by a ca. 0.8 m thick bed of coarse detritus gyttja dated to 9.6–9.1 ka 14C BP. The gyttja lies at an(More)
Since late 1980s four systems of stages of higher education and qualifications have been in force in Estonia. The higher education system has been changed or reorganized through three phases of reforms, important periods were in 1989-1991, 1995-1996 and 20012002. The latter phase of reforms was clearly facilitated and conducted by the progressive Bologna(More)
A ~2200 year-old question related to Hannibal’s invasion route across the Alps into Italia, has been argued by classicists without recovery of material evidence. A comparison of topographical descriptions in the ancient literature with environmental parameters in the Alps, attempted here for the first time, provides a database against which various pathways(More)
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