Volkmar Henschel

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INTRODUCTION Inflammatory stimuli are causative for insulin resistance in obesity as well as in acute inflammatory reactions. Ongoing research has identified a variety of secreted proteins that are released from immune cells and adipocytes as mediators of insulin resistance; however, knowledge about their relevance for acute inflammatory insulin resistance(More)
Software that fits a multivariate proportional hazards model to interval censored event data is urgently needed in medical research. Pan describes the use of the iterative convex minorant algorithm (ICM) to achieve this purpose. The implementation of the ICM is presented as well as a bootstrap procedure to derive information for statistical inference on the(More)
BACKGROUND Multivariate analysis of interval censored event data based on classical likelihood methods is notoriously cumbersome. Likelihood inference for models which additionally include random effects are not available at all. Developed algorithms bear problems for practical users like: matrix inversion, slow convergence, no assessment of statistical(More)
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