Volkert W A de Villeneuve

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Confocal scanning laser microscopy has been used to quantitatively analyze the structure and dynamics of concentrated suspensions of spherical colloids in which the magnitude of the short-range attractive potential is increased by adding nonadsorbing polymers. These systems undergo a reentrant glass transition upon increasing polymer concentration. We find(More)
We present a study on the morphology and kinetics of depletion-induced phase separation in aqueous xanthan-colloid mixtures with light microscopy and small angle light scattering (SALS), using fluorinated colloids with a refractive index close to that of water to prevent complications of multiple scattering. Microscopy with the direction of observation(More)
Impurities affect the nucleation, growth, and structure of crystals. Here we report the effect of large, spherical, polymethylmethacrylate impurities on the crystal growth of monodisperse, hard, polymethylmethacrylate colloids in a density- and optically matching apolar solvent mixture. Crystal growth, initiated at the bottom of the sample, was studied by(More)
On-lattice Monte Carlo simulations of colloidal random-stacking hard-sphere colloidal crystals are presented. The model yields close-packed crystals with random-stacking hexagonal structure. We find a significant amount of in-plane stacking disorder, which slowly anneals in the course of the simulation. The in-plane stacking disorder leads to lateral(More)
We study colloidal gels formed upon centrifugation of dilute suspensions of spherical colloids (radius 446 nm) that interact through a long-range electrostatic repulsion (Debye length approximately 850 nm) and a short-range depletion attraction (approximately 12.5 nm), by means of confocal scanning laser microscopy (CSLM). In these systems, at low colloid(More)
Fluctuations of the interface between coexisting colloidal fluid phases have been measured with confocal microscopy. Due to a very low surface tension, the thermal motions of the interface are so slow that a record can be made of the positions of the interface. The theory of the interfacial height fluctuations is developed. For a host of correlation(More)
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