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Given an undirected graph with weights on the vertices, the maximum weight clique problem (MWCP) is to find a subset of mutually adjacent vertices (i.e., a clique) having the largest total weight. This is a generalization of the classical problem of finding the maximum cardinality clique of an unweighted graph, which arises as a special case of the MWCP(More)
Clustering applications dealing with perception based or biased data lead to models with non-disjunct clusters. There, objects to be clustered are allowed to belong to several clusters at the same time which results in a fuzzy clustering. It can be shown that this is equivalent to searching all maximal cliques in dynamic graphs like G t = (V, E t), where E(More)
This article addresses the area of decision making for information systems (IS). We recognize the great demand for methods and techniques that can be of practical help by presenting a new, conceptual approach, the profile distance method, to support the IS selection problem. This approach combines the merits of two prominent concepts individually applied in(More)
In this empirical study a concept map is reorganized and clustered in order to provide an intuitive structure for browsing. The concepts are represented as nodes created by the authors of articles but also by readers of these articles. Semantic dependencies are coded through links between the nodes to build a graph. We report an experiment in which such a(More)
The changing climate in supply chain management, driven by technological trends, increased competition , demand pressure, globalization and outsourcing has led companies to be more receptive to forming coalitions while taking a broader strategic view of the marketplace. The structure of a transport coalition is an important issue influencing the life cycle(More)
In this paper, we propose to arrive at an assessment and evaluation of open source projects based on an analysis of their growth rates in several aspects. These include code base, developer number, bug reports and downloads. Based on this analysis and assessment, a well-known portfolio planning method, the BCG matrix, is employed for arriving at a very(More)