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Vitelliform macular dystrophy (VMD) is widely known for an abnormal EOG in the presence of a normal ERG. In this study the multifocal electroretinogram (MF-ERG) is described as an additional tool to detect retinal dysfunction in VMD. Three patients aged 30, 37 and 59 years with VMD and a visual acuity of OD: 0.4; OS 0.05 (patient 1), 1.25 OU (patient 2) and(More)
Chronic application of beta-blockers often induces tachyphylaxia of unknown origin. After long-term topical pretreatment of pindolol and timolol in rabbit eyes (up to 12 weeks, twice a day) beta 2-adrenergic receptors were localized and quantified with autoradiographic methods. Frozen sections of albino rabbit eyes were labelled with [125I] cyanopindolol.(More)
OBJECTIVE To study Draeger's self-tonometer handling and accuracy. MATERIALS AND METHODS This microprocessor-controled applanation tonometer enables the patient to perform frequent measurements himself. Two studies were carried out. In a first patient series of 22 participants we analyzed patient-acceptance with regard to tonometer handling, in a second(More)
BACKGROUND The successful development of cataract operation and IOL implantation in the last decade has resulted in progressive shortening of the incision length as well as in developing safer and simpler anesthetic techniques. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate whether cataract surgery with scleral incision is possible using only topical(More)
PURPOSE Generalized retinal degenerations such as retinitis pigmentosa may manifest with focal retinal dysfunctions. These may be detected objectively by new electrophysiological techniques, such as multifocal electroretinography (ERG). CASE REPORT A mother and daughter, aged 81 and 46 years, showed bilateral caudal bone spiculae formations with(More)
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