Volker Saile

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We investigated propagation of light through a uniaxial photonic metamaterial composed of three-dimensional gold helices arranged on a two-dimensional square lattice. These nanostructures are fabricated via an approach based on direct laser writing into a positive-tone photoresist followed by electrochemical deposition of gold. For propagation of light(More)
This paper presents cell culture substrates in the form of microcontainer arrays with overlaid surface topographies, and a technology for their fabrication. The new fabrication technology is based on microscale thermoforming of thin polymer films whose surfaces are topographically prepatterned on a micro- or nanoscale. For microthermoforming, we apply a new(More)
KIT's Executive Board has decided to discontinue the operation of the synchrotron radiation facility ANKA within category LK-II (user facility) of the Helmholtz Association and continue operation in LK-I (research). The KIT Senate confirmed this decision. Some aspects of the background and the rationale leading to this change are explained.
Effect of thickness on single ply percolation and conductivity," J.The use of computer in classroom for undergraduate instruction in physics of electronic devices," Intl.Lifetime measurements in semiconductors by infrared absorption due to pulsed optical excitation," Appl.Simulation and observation of infrared piezobirefringent images in diametrically(More)
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