Volker Rehrmann

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In cooperation with Daimler{Benz AG within the European PROMETHEUS project we are developing a real{time traac sign recognition system. The system is installed in a test vehicle of Daimler{Benz that operates autonomously on European highways and performs a vision based environmental analysis that includes, among others , road tracking, obstacle detection,(More)
This paper originates from a cooperation of Daimler-Benz AG, the University of Paderborn, and our group, within the European PROMETHEUS project. Common aim is the development of a traf-c sign recognition (TSR) system. The Paderborn group provides gray-level image evaluation, Daimler-Benz AG pictogram identiication, and our group color image evaluation. Our(More)
We introduce a very general method of achieving stable and fast color segmentation. This method works on diierent hierarchical data structures and combines local bottom-up region growing segmentation with top-down separation techniques. As our method supports exploitation of inherent parallelism, a real-time object detection has been designed and is in the(More)
Consider the following problem: How to detect objects of undetermined and unequal shape, size and color in front of an alternating but repeating background in real-time? In addition, the objects may slightly overlap each other but have to be considered as separate objects. Also, the repeating background may change in time because of variations of the(More)
We present a system for the real–time recognition of traffic signs from a moving car on European highways. The traffic sign recognition system (TSR) was developed within the European PROMETHEUS project in cooperation with Daimler–Benz and is installed in an autonomous car. Our TSR is also intended to serve as a driver assistance tool. The TSR is based on a(More)