Volker Pluschke

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Abstract. We investigate a parabolic-elliptic problem, where the time derivative is multiplied by a coefficient which may vanish on time-dependent spatial subdomains. The linear equation is supplemented by a nonlinear Neumann boundary condition −∂u/∂νA = g(·, ·, u) with a locally defined, Lr-bounded function g(t, ·, ξ). We prove the existence of a local(More)
In this paper we study a free{boundary problem in a multicomponent domain. Our study was motivated by the mathematical modelling of dermal and transdermal drug delivery, where the multilayered skin model was considered. At the interface connecting two components the conservation of the ux and Nernst's distribution law hold and it is supposed that in any(More)
In the classical theory of thermoelectricity, the performance integrals for a fully self-compatible material depend on the dimensionless figure of merit zT. Usually these integrals are evaluated for constraints z = const. and zT = const., respectively. In this paper we discuss the question from a mathematical point of view whether there is an optimal(More)
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