Volker Kruger

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State-of-the-art teleconference systems are not capable of recording a discussion of an entire group. The reason is that limited bandwidth of computer networks only allows for the use of cameras with a limited resolution just large enough to transmit a detailed image of a single person. In this contribution an attentional camera system for teleconferencing(More)
One hundred five adults with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) were studied to assess the efficacy of a neutral-angle wrist splint, and to identify criteria for splint referral. Ten observations before and after treatment were analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics. After splint use, 67% of the subjects reported symptom relief. T-test comparison of(More)
Gait recognition is used to recognize the human by his/her walking styles. It is used in biometric authentication system, the gait is the walking sequence of human and another type of spices. In the previous methodologies a change of viewing angle causes a significant challenge for gait recognition. Proposed methodology, formulate a framework to estimate(More)
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