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BACKGROUND It has been proposed that activation of endothelial SK3 (K(Ca)2.3) and IK1 (K(Ca)3.1) K+ channels plays a role in the arteriolar dilation attributed to an endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor (EDHF). However, our understanding of the precise function of SK3 and IK1 in the EDHF dilator response and in blood pressure control remains(More)
The keratin filament network is an important part of the cytoskeleton. It is involved in the regulation of shape and viscoelasticity of epithelial cells. The morphology of keratin networks depends on post-translational modifications of keratin monomers. In-vitro studies indicated that network characteristics, such as filament crosslink density, determines(More)
This paper studies the limits of a spatial random field generated by uniformly scattered random sets, as the density λ of the sets grows to infinity and the mean volume ρ of the sets tends to zero. Assuming that the volume distribution has a regularly varying tail with infinite variance, we show that the centered and renormalized random field can have three(More)
An algorithm is proposed for the simultaneous computation of all Minkowski functionals (except for the volume) of sets from the convex ring in R d discretized with respect to a given regular lattice. For this purpose, a polyhedral approximation is used to reconstruct their boundary structure. In the planar case d = 2, the performance and precision of the(More)
We give algorithms for the simultaneous computation of the area, boundary length and connectivity (the so–called Minkowski functionals) of binary images. It is assumed that a binary image is a discretization of a two–dimensional polyconvex set which is a union of convex components. Edge–corrected versions of these algorithms are used for the estimation of(More)
Translocation of genes into the pericentromeric heterochromatin occurs during cellular differentiation and leads to a long-term silencing of these genes. Consequently, a structural remodelling of this heterochromatin compartment is observed during differentiation but this remains to be defined from a topological point of view. In a previous study, we(More)
Microglia are classically considered to be immune cells in the brain, but have now been proven to be involved in neuronal activity as well. Here we stereologically analyzed the spatial arrangement of microglia in the mouse hippocampus. First, we estimated the numerical densities (NDs) of microglia identified by ionized calcium-binding adaptor molecule 1(More)
Compared to the cytoplasmic F-actin abundance in cells, nuclear F-actin levels are generally quite low. However, nuclear actin is present in certain cell types including oocytes and under certain cellular conditions including stress or serum stimulation. Currently, the architecture and polymerization status of nuclear actin networks has not been analyzed in(More)