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In this paper, viable applications for mobile robotic units on construction sites are explored. While identifying potential areas for in-situ fabrication in the construction sector, the intention is also to build upon innovative man-machine interaction paradigms to deal with the imprecision and tolerances often faced on construction sites. By combining the(More)
The influence of pH, temperature, various buffer species at different concentrations, and ionic strength on the stability of gonadorelin and triptorelin in aqueous solution has been studied using stability-indicating high-performance liquid chromatographic methods. The degradation behavior of both peptides is similar. The maximum stability of both peptides(More)
Integral joints provide a rapid, simple and mechanically strong connection between parts. Our investigation focuses on the assembly of cross-laminated wood veneer plates, where previous studies have shown that the strength of through-tenons is equivalent or superior to state-of-the-art fasteners such as screws or nails. This mechanical behavior is highly(More)
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