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The purpose of this study was to assess the feasibility of a novel passive functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) paradigm for activation analysis of the somatosensory cortex utilizing a specifically designed conductor for electrical stimulation of the median and tibial nerves. Thirteen healthy volunteers underwent electrical stimulation of these(More)
A selection of nine instruments supplied by eight different manufacturers for carrying out peripheral nerve stimulation were checked for their suitability, safety and ease of operation, and were compared and contrasted with reference to a spectrum of characteristics that appear desirable in theoretical and practical terms. Measurements at Ohm's resistance(More)
The use of a nerve stimulator allows an injection cannula to be located without the cooperation of the patient. Regional anesthesia thus becomes safer because the basic condition "no paresthesia, no anesthesia" becomes irrelevant. In accordance with the basic electrophysiological conditions, a stimulator should have the following properties: (1) adjustable(More)
In spite of many advantages ultrasonic gas flow meters are not generally accepted in the market of flow measuring instruments. Most of them are operating with ultrasonic impulses using the principle of time-of-flight measurement. Vortex frequency measurements up to now don’t use ultrasound for the detection of frequency although the sensitivity can be(More)
A small scale honey dehydrator has been designed, developed, and tested to reduce moisture content of honey below 17 %. Experiments have been conducted for honey dehydration by using drying air at ambient temperature, 30 and 40 °C and water at 35, 40 and 45 °C. In this dehydrator, hot water has been circulated in a water jacket around the honey container to(More)
Ultrasonic cross-correlation flow meters using natural turbulences in a fluid must be calibrated. The reason is that the most frequent components in the fluid are determined by this method deviating from the average flow velocity. The calibration characteristic is nonlinear and depends on the flow velocity and profile, respectively. This disadvantage can be(More)
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