Volker Flegel

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ExPASy (http://www.expasy.org) has worldwide reputation as one of the main bioinformatics resources for proteomics. It has now evolved, becoming an extensible and integrative portal accessing many scientific resources, databases and software tools in different areas of life sciences. Scientists can henceforth access seamlessly a wide range of resources in(More)
The use of comparative genomics to infer genome function relies on the understanding of how different components of the genome change over evolutionary time. The aim of such comparative analysis is to identify conserved, functionally transcribed sequences such as protein-coding genes and non-coding RNA genes, and other functional sequences such as(More)
Ants have evolved very complex societies and are key ecosystem members. Some ants, such as the fire ant Solenopsis invicta, are also major pests. Here, we present a draft genome of S. invicta, assembled from Roche 454 and Illumina sequencing reads obtained from a focal haploid male and his brothers. We used comparative genomic methods to obtain insight into(More)
Robbie P. Joosten, Jean Salzemann, Vincent Bloch, Heinz Stockinger, Ann-Charlott Berglund, Christophe Blanchet, Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, Christophe Combet, Ana L. Da Costa, Gilbert Deleage, Matteo Diarena, Roberto Fabbretti, Géraldine Fettahi, Volker Flegel, Andreas Gisel, Vinod Kasam, Timo Kervinen, Eija Korpelainen, Kimmo Mattila, Marco Pagni, Matthieu(More)
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