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We performed what we believe are the first simultaneous in situ measurements of liquid water and oxygen concentrations in a dense water mist environment. Direct absorption tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy was used to make oxygen concentrations and simultaneously quantify the liquid water via optical density measurements. This spectrometer with an(More)
With the second amendment to the Ordinance on Occupational Diseases (BeKV) of 18 December 1992, discogenic diseases of the spine are included in the disease register of occupational diseases for the first time. If occupations that impose stress on the spine have been practised for many years, the possibility exists of recognizing degenerative diseases as an(More)
The dorsal approach is increasingly preferred in the surgical treatment of vertebral fractures. However, the access and the implant's position cause muscle loss, which can lead to instability and a reduced capacity for rehabilitation. Morphological factors (bones, intervertebral discs) are typically blamed for chronic pain syndromes in the literature, while(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the differences in the electromyographic signals of patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP) and healthy subjects. DESIGN Cross-sectional study with a matched-pair design. SETTING University hospital. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-one patients with CLBP and 31 healthy, matched-pair controls. INTERVENTIONS The mean rectified surface(More)
We present what is to our knowledge the first near-infrared diode-laser-based absorption spectrometer that is suitable for simultaneous in situ measurement of carbon monoxide, water vapor, and temperature in the combustion chamber (20-m diameter, 13-m path length) of a 600-MW lignite-fired power plant. A fiber-coupled distributed-feedback diode-laser module(More)
A new lightweight near-infrared tunable diode laser spectrometer CHILD (Compact High-altitude In-situ Laser Diode spectrometer) was developed for flights to the stratosphere as an additional in situ sensor on existing balloonborne payloads. Free-air absorption measurements in the near infrared are made with an open-path Herriott cell with new design(More)
Complex refractive indices for supercooled sulfuric acid solution droplets in the mid-infrared spectral regime (wavenumber range 6000-800 cm(-1)) have been retrieved for acid concentrations ranging from 33 to 10 wt % H2SO4 at temperatures between 235 and 230 K, from 36 to 15 wt % H2SO4 at temperatures between 225 and 219 K, and from 37 to 20 wt % H2SO4 at(More)
We present the design, setup, and characterization of a new lens-free fibre-coupled miniature White cell for extractive gas analysis using direct tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (dTDLAS). The construction of this cell is based on a modified White cell design and allows for an easy variation of the absorption length in the range from 29 cm to 146(More)
For the direct fiber coupling of small optical measurement cells, we developed a new compact vacuum feedthrough for glass fibers and other similarly shaped objects that are compact and that offer the possibility of adjusting the fiber in longitudinal and in circular direction. The feedthrough assembly avoids compression or torsion on the fiber and thus(More)