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Normal-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) on amino-bonded silica with elution by aqueous acetonitrile is shown to be an especially suitable complement to reverse-phase HPLC on octadecyl silica for the fractionation of oligosaccharide alditols produced by alkaline borohydride degradation of mucin glycoproteins. The former technique separates(More)
Oligosaccharides were cleaved by base-borohydride from an I, H and Lea active ovarian cyst glycoprotein and purified by Bio-Gel P-6 and paper chromatography. The structures of five oligosaccharides, determined by compositional analyses, quantitative periodate oxidation, chronic acid oxidation, methylation analyses and enzymatic degradations, were as(More)
Blood group-related oligosaccharides have been isolated from a limited number of carcinomas. The carcinoma-associated oligosaccharides show chain elongation, for example due to repeating Gal 1,4 GlcNAc 1,3 sequences, or a higher degree of branching, which permit increased sialylation and fucosylation. Abnormal carbohydrate structures have been demonstrated(More)