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IntroductIon IT support for knowledge management (KM) is a widely discussed issue. Whereas an overempha-sis on technology is often criticized, the general consensus is that a well-balanced combination of technical and social approaches can be a rewarding departure (Alavi & Leidner, 1999). The usage of knowledge management systems (KMSs) (i.e., information(More)
INTRODUCTION The necessity for managing knowledge is stressed by wide array of recent publications ranging from information science to strategic management substantiating their proposition with the tremendous changes in the context organisations that are operating today. Although knowledge management (KM) literature and research projects are increasingly(More)
IntroductIon Whereas knowledge management (KM) has gained much attention in the field of management science and practice as the eminent source of competitive advantage (e., one issue has been largely neglected: The aspect of mobility. Conventional solutions for knowledge management systems (KMSs) have in common that they are designed for stationary(More)
Angesichtsder in der Vergangenheit wenigerfolgreichenVersuche, den Austausch vonWissen durch IT zu unterstützen,werden in diesem Beitrag die Prä-ferenzen der Nutzer in Bezug auf Wissensaustausch untersucht.D abei zeigen sich eine hohe Motivation unde ine klare Bevorzugungp ersönlicher Interaktionen. Hemmnisseliegen wenigerin kulturellen oder(More)
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