Volker Brauer

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BACKGROUND Pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N1) has the potential to cause a major global pandemic in humans. Safe and effective vaccines that induce immunologic memory and broad heterotypic response are needed. METHODS AND FINDINGS Healthy adults aged 18-60 and > 60 years (n = 313 and n = 173, respectively) were randomized (1:1) to receive two primary(More)
The purpose of this review is to summarize current knowledge of the etiology of euthyroid and toxic multinodular goiter (MNG) with respect to the epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and molecular pathology. In reconstructing the line of events from early thyroid hyperplasia to MNG we will argue the predominant neoplastic character of nodular structures,(More)
Three-dimensional computer-aided modelling of dynamic processes supported by virtual reality techniques like 3Dstereo vision does not reach the usability (ease, concreteness, intuitiveness, directness) we experience in modelling with real physical objects. We propose an interface that aims at coupling two previously separated model worlds the the real space(More)
Thyroid ultrasound is used in the routine clinical assessment and the follow-up of thyroid disorders. The follow- up of patients with thyroid nodules is mostly based on thyroid nodule volume determinations performed by different observers. However, for the judgment of treatment effects there is uncertainty about the interobserver variation of thyroid nodule(More)
Immune responses to vaccination are tested in clinical trials. This process usually requires years especially when immune memory and persistence are analyzed. Markers able to quickly predict the immune response would be very useful, particularly when dealing with emerging diseases that require a rapid response, such as avian influenza. To address this(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a kindred with a rare RET germline mutation in codon 791 and discuss potential management strategies. METHODS We present clinical and biochemical data as well as results of mutation analysis in our study subjects and provide an overview of related published reports. RESULTS Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (MEN 2) is a familial(More)
We determined the influence of different nutritional factors on the urinary iodine excretion in an East German university population. First, we assessed iodine excretion in spot urine samples. Second, we measured iodine content in the university canteen meals, where approximately 20% of the probands had regular meals. Third, we used a special food(More)
Proactive priming before the next pandemic could induce immune memory responses to novel influenza antigens. In an open-label study, we analyzed B cell memory and antibody responses of 54 adults who received 2 7.5-microg doses of MF59-adjuvanted A/Vietnam/1194/2004 clade 1 (H5N1) vaccine. Twenty-four subjects had been previously primed with MF59-adjuvanted(More)