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This paper presents a comparison study between 10 automatic and six interactive methods for liver segmentation from contrast-enhanced CT images. It is based on results from the "MICCAI 2007 Grand Challenge" workshop, where 16 teams evaluated their algorithms on a common database. A collection of 20 clinical images with reference segmentations was provided(More)
Although it is widely agreed that the cerebellum is necessary for learning and consolidation of new motor tasks, it is not known whether adaptation to kinematic and dynamic errors is processed by the same cerebellar areas or whether different parts play a decisive role. We investigated arm movements in a visuomotor (VM) rotation and a force field (FF)(More)
In a previous study, a three-dimensional (3D) MRI atlas of the human cerebellar nuclei was introduced based on findings in one healthy human subject [Dimitrova, A., Weber, J., Redies, C., Kindsvater, K., Maschke, M., Kolb, F.P., Forsting, M., Diener, H.C., Timmann, D., 2002. MRI atlas of the human cerebellar nuclei. NeuroImage 17, 240-255]. The present MRI(More)
INTRODUCTION Exact quantification of vasospasm by angiography is known to be difficult especially in small vessels. The purpose of the study was to develop a new method for computerized analysis of small arteries and to demonstrate feasibility on cerebral angiographies of rats acquired on a clinical angiography unit. METHODS A new software tool analysing(More)
OBJECTIVE This study established the relationship between kinematic and grip force parameters in prehension tasks, disease severity and cerebellar atrophy in patients with cerebellar degeneration. METHODS Prehension was tested in a condition during which the hand reached out, grasped, and lifted an object. Task complexity was modified by limiting the(More)
First we explain the interplay b e t ween robust loss functions, non-linear lters and Bayes smoothers for edge-preserving image reconstruction. Then we p r o ve the surprising fact that maximum posterior smoothers are nonlinear lters. A (generalized) Potts prior for segmen-tation and piecewise smoothing of noisy signals and images is adopted. For(More)
A role of the right cerebellar hemisphere has been suggested in linguistic functions. Nevertheless, studies of verb generation in cerebellar patients provide inconsistent results. The aim of the present study was to examine verb generation in a larger group of cerebellar patients with well-defined lesions. Ten subjects with degenerative cerebellar disorders(More)
The aim of the present study was to compare the severity of cerebellar ataxia as measured by the International Cooperative Ataxia Rating Scale (ICARS) by Trouillas et al. [ J Neurol Sci 1997;145:205-211] with the cerebellar volume in chronic cerebellar disease. Fifteen patients with pure cerebellar degeneration were investigated. Seven patients suffered(More)