Volkan Sezer

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In this paper, we present data collection activities and preliminary research findings from the real-world database collected with “UYANIK,” a passenger car instrumented with various sensors, CAN-Bus data logger, cameras, microphones, data acquisitions systems, computers, and support systems. Within the shared frameworks of DriveSafe Consortium (Turkey) and(More)
In a mixed environment of autonomous driverless vehicles and human driven vehicles operating on the same road, identifying intentions of human drivers and interacting with them in a compliant and responsible manner becomes a challenging problem for the driverless vehicles. In this paper, the problem of vehicle interaction at an intersection merging scenario(More)
This paper introduces a new speed control strategy for autonomous/semi-autonomous navigation of ground vehicles. Different from the previous studies, steering angle is considered in addition to speed error and integral of the speed error. Because of the highly nonlinear nature of vehicle model, fuzzy logic strategy is used for controller design. Vehicle(More)
Follow the Gap Method (FGM) is an obstacle avoidance method which uses gap arrays. This method recursively directs robot to the goal state while avoiding the obstacles through the safest gap. Since FGM is a geometric method, it does not consider the robot dynamics. For this reason, oscillations or collisions due to robot dynamics is possible. On the other(More)
Mutagenic damages in female germ, cells of mice have been tested with the dominant, lethal assay and the cytogenetic analysis of unfertilized M II-oocytes. Concluding one can say that from the experimental data presented here do not show any mutagenic effect of INH on oogenesis of different strains of mice can be stated.