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Static energy due to subthreshold leakage current is projected to become a major component of the total energy in high performance microprocessors. Many studies so far have examined and proposed techniques to reduce leakage in on-chip storage structures. In this study, static energy is reduced in the integer functional units by leveraging the unique(More)
—Data stability of SRAM cells has become an important issue with the scaling of CMOS technology. Memory banks are also important sources of leakage since the majority of transistors are utilized for on-chip caches in today's high performance microprocessors. A new nine-transistor (9T) SRAM cell is proposed in this paper for simultaneously reducing leakage(More)
—The supply voltage to threshold voltage ratio is reduced with each new technology generation. The gate overdrive variation with temperature plays an increasingly important role in determining the speed characteristics of CMOS integrated circuits. The temperature-dependent propagation delay characteristics, as shown in this brief, will experience a complete(More)
Vertical integration is a novel communications paradigm where interconnect design is a primary focus. ABSTRACT | Design techniques for three-dimensional (3-D) ICs considerably lag the significant strides achieved in 3-D manufacturing technologies. Advanced design methodologies for two-dimensional circuits are not sufficient to manage the added complexity(More)
—In this brief, a low-overhead circuit technique is proposed to simultaneously reduce subthreshold and gate-oxide leakage currents in domino logic circuits. pMOS sleep transistors and a dual threshold voltage CMOS technology are utilized to place an idle domino logic circuit into a low leakage state. A sleep transistor added to the dynamic node strongly(More)
[7] , " On optimal board-level routing for FPGA-based logic emula-tion, " IEEE Trans. Net assignment for the FPGA-based logic emulation system in the folded-clos network structure, " IEEE Trans. Architectural tradeoffs in field-pro-grammable-device based computing systems, " in Proc. Building and using a highly parallel programmable logic arrays, " Comput.(More)
—A circuit technique is presented for reducing the subthreshold leakage energy consumption of domino logic circuits. Sleep switch transistors are proposed to place an idle dual threshold voltage domino logic circuit into a low leakage state. The circuit technique enhances the effectiveness of a dual threshold voltage CMOS technology to reduce the(More)
—Scaling of the standard single-gate bulk MOSFETs faces great challenges in the nanometer regime due to the severe short-channel effects that cause an exponential increase in the leakage current and enhanced sensitivity to process variations. Multi-gate MOSFET technologies mitigate these limitations by providing a stronger control over a thin silicon body(More)
—A variable threshold voltage keeper circuit technique is proposed for simultaneous power reduction and speed enhancement of domino logic circuits. The threshold voltage of a keeper transistor is dynamically modified during circuit operation to reduce contention current without sacrificing noise immunity. The variable threshold voltage keeper circuit(More)