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Adipocyte-derived Th2 cytokines and myeloid PPARdelta regulate macrophage polarization and insulin sensitivity.
The polarization of adipose tissue-resident macrophages toward the alternatively activated, anti-inflammatory M2 phenotype is believed to improve insulin sensitivity. However, the mechanismsExpand
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Determination of horizontal extension from fissure-ridge travertines: a case study from the Denizli Basin, southwestern Turkey
Travertine deposits reflect some aspects of the regional tectonics because of the close association between travertine deposits and active fractures, that later of which provide conduits along whichExpand
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Field evidences from northern Dead Sea Fault Zone (South Turkey): New findings for the initiation age and slip rate
Abstract The left-lateral strike–slip Dead Sea Fault Zone (DSFZ) extends from the Red Sea in the south to the East Anatolian Fault Zone (EAFZ) in the north. This study examines the northern part ofExpand
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Historical earthquake activity of the northern part of the Dead Sea Fault Zone, southern Turkey
Abstract The northern part of the Dead Sea Fault Zone is one of the major active neotectonic structures of Turkey. The main trace of the fault zone (called Hacipasa fault) is mapped in detail inExpand
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U-series dating and geochemical tracing of late Quaternary travertine in co-seismic fissures
We present a method to constrain the timing of fissure generation related to late Quaternary seismic events using the uranium-series technique. Dated samples were from travertine depositsExpand
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Cell-to-Cell Variability Analysis Dissects the Plasticity of Signaling of Common γ Chain Cytokines in T Cells
Sequestration of signaling subunits by IL-2 receptors inhibits IL-7 responsiveness in T cells. Signaling Denied by Sequestration The γc family of cytokines, including interleukin-2 (IL-2) and IL-7,Expand
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Geological, Geomorphological and Archaeoseismological Observations Along the Cibyra Fault and Their Implications for the Regional Tectonics of SW Turkey
In this paper, the Cibyra segment of the Fethiye-Burdur Fault Zone (FBFZ) is investigated using direct field evidence, which helps clarify the controversial behaviour of this zone. The remains of theExpand
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Evolution of the northern Dead Sea Fault Zone in southern Turkey
Abstract The Dead Sea Fault Zone (DSFZ) is one of the main active tectonic structures in the Mediterranean region. The Amik Basin is located on the northernmost part of DSFZ. Detailed examination ofExpand
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Monitoring aseismic surface creep along the North Anatolian Fault (Turkey) using ground-based LIDAR
Abstract We studied the surface creep along the North Anatolian Fault (NAF), one of the most seismically active structures of the eastern Mediterranean, by using a ground-based light detection andExpand
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Archaeological sites (Tell and Road) offset by the Dead Sea Fault in the Amik Basin, Southern Turkey
SUMMARY The northern end of the Dead Sea Fault (DSF) in the Amik Basin (Southern Turkey) is investi- gated using palaeoseismology, archaeoseismology and geophysical prospecting to understand theExpand
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