Volkan Dündar

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BACKGROUND We carried out this study in order to establish the prevalence of antituberculosis drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains and to determine risk factors for the development of resistance in Trakya region of Turkey. METHODS Pattern of drug resistance in 214 M. tuberculosis isolates from patients with tuberculosis treated at the(More)
Immediately after the devastating earthquake in Turkey in August 1999, an infectious disease surveillance system was established in Kocaeli Province (the biggest area affected). This surveillance study was mainly focused on diarrheal diseases. During a 33-day period, 1,468 stool cultures were processed. Diarrheal diseases increased step-by-step and later(More)
Sphingobacterium multivorum has been reported as a rare microorganism causes diseases in patients with predisposing conditions. We describe the first case of invasive disease caused by S.multivorum in a patient without an underlying disorder. A 73-day-old boy with a fever to 39°C, lethargy, vomiting, hypotonia and convulsion was admitted to Kocaeli(More)
IgG antibodies against the purified antigen 60 have been detected in the sera of 48 active, 12 inactive pulmonary tuberculosis patients and 46 tuberculosis free controls with ELISA. Diagnostic value of this test has been evaluated in the conditions of our country. The detection of IgG antibodies against antigen 60 has 67% sensitivity, 90% specificity and(More)
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