Vojtech Veselý

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The paper provides a survey of some recent quadratic stability methods for static output feedback robust controller design for linear continuous-time invariant systems with convex polytopic uncertainty and their mutual comparison. Robust controller design is based on linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) conditions and single Lyapunov functions. The presented(More)
Two novel linear matrix inequality (LMI) based procedures to receive a stabilizing robust output feedback gain are presented, one of them being a modification of previous results of OLIVEIRA et al., [5]. The proposed robust control law stabilizes the respective uncertain discrete-time system described by a polytopic model with guaranteed cost. The obtained(More)
In this paper new necessary and sufficient conditions for static output feedback stabilizability for continuous and discrete time linear time invariant systems have been proposed. These conditions are the basis for the procedure of static output feedback controller design proposed in this paper. The proposed LMI based algorithms are computationally simple(More)
The paper provides survey of some recent robust stability conditions, their mutual comparison, and presents new robust stability conditions for continuousand discrete-time systems with convex polytopic uncertainty. Robust stability analysis is based on LMI conditions and parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions. The developed stability conditions are(More)