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The Differential Evolution (DE) is a widely used bioinspired optimization algorithm developed by Storn and Price. It is popular for its simplicity and robustness. This algorithm was primarily designed for real-valued problems and continuous functions, but several modified versions optimizing both integer and discrete-valued problems have been developed. The(More)
The general classification is a machine learning task that tries to assign the best class to a given unknown input vector based on past observations (training data). Most of developed algorithms are very time consuming for large datasets (Support Vector Machine, Deep Neural Networks, etc.). Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) is a high quality classification(More)
The search of k-nearest neighbors (K-NN) is a very common task. The K-NN is utilized in many algorithms and scientific areas like clustering, classification, machine learning, N-body simulation, triangulation, image processing and/or video processing. However, the naive implementation of the K-NN is very slow. There are many novel algorithms for the K-NN(More)