Vojtech Kaluza

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We reprove the strong Hanani–Tutte theorem on the projective plane. In contrast to the previous proof by Pelsmajer, Schaefer and Stasi, our method is constructive and does not rely on the characterization of forbidden minors, which gives hope to extend it to other surfaces. Moreover, our approach can be used to provide an efficient algorithm turning a(More)
The classical theorem of Fáry states that every planar graph can be represented by an embedding in which every edge is represented by a straight line segment. We consider generalizations of Fáry's theorem to surfaces equipped with Riemannian metrics. In this setting, we require that every edge is drawn as a shortest path between its two endpoints and we(More)
Are every two separated nets in the plane bilipschitz equivalent? In the late 1990s, Burago and Kleiner and, independently, McMullen resolved this beautiful question negatively. Both solutions are based on a construction of a density function that is not realizable as the Jacobian determinant of a bilipschitz map. McMullen's construction is simpler than the(More)
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