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Many ectotherms possess the ability to behaviourally regulate their body temperatures. Thermoregulatory behaviour is affected by various biotic and abiotic factors, which may cause a substantial bias in the laboratory estimates of preferred body temperatures (T p). We examined thermoregulatory behaviour in alpine newts, Ichthyosaura (formerly Triturus)(More)
INTRODUCTION Total thyroidectomy (TTE) with central compartment lymphonodes (LU) dissection remains a standard procedure in the treatment of differentiated thyroid carcinomas. METHODOLOGY The retrospective study assessed a group of patients undergoing primary or secondary procedures in our clinic. PATIENT GROUP From 01.01. 2005 to 31. 07. 2007, a total(More)
Production management and workers, who use "classic production" are coming a brake of development of modern production systems bases on flexible NC machines, robots and computer based control systems. Specially for this field is within the project Leonardo Da Vinci Programme" prepared integrated set of vocational trainings based on eLearning technologies.(More)
Residues of chlorinated pesticides in feed for laying hens, in eggs, poultry organs, potatoes, flour, and human fat tissues were determined by means of gas chromatography using electron recording detector. Further the amount of chlorinated hydrocarbon residues in potatoes from various parts of the South Moravian Region was stated. HCH amounts in human fat(More)