Vojtěch Kašpar

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In the present review, sperm morphology, acrosome reaction, motility, short-term storage and cryopreservation are summarized and discussed in sturgeon (Chondrostei, Acipenseriformes). The elongated head of spermatozoon comprises an acrosome with 8–12 posterolateral projections. Usually three endonuclear canals are observed in the nucleus. Proximal and(More)
Spermiation and changes in androgen (testosterone, T and 11-ketotestosterone, 11-KT) levels were studied in sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) treated with GnRH agonist implants (dAla6-Pro9-LHRHa) at 25 and 75 μg kg−1 b.w. and compared with those males treated with 4 mg kg−1 b.w. of carp pituitary extract (CPE) and 3 pellets of Ovopel kg−1 b.w., which contains(More)
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