Vojko Potocan

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Purpose – This paper aims to suggest a new way toward reliability of contents of business information, on which quality of business critically depends. Contribution considers two problems: how to innovate information support for business with non-technological innovations? And how can enterprises improve reliability of information for their work?(More)
David A Ralston, Carolyn P Egri, Marı́a Teresa de la Garza Carranza, Prem Ramburuth and Jane Terpstra-Tong, Andre A Pekerti, Ilya Girson, Harald Herrig, Marina Dabic, Moureen Tang, Paulina Wan, Philip Hallinger, Ian Palmer, Detelin S Elenkov, Olivier Furrer, Vojko V Potocan, Florian V Wangenheim, Isabelle Maignan, Pamela L Perrewé, Ana Maria Rossi, Tomasz(More)
The aim is to start discussion about similarities and dissimilarities of Business Cybernetic and Socio-cybernetic concerning invention-innovation processes. Both of them deal with human aspects of life in a (requisitely) systemic style, although from slightly and essentially different viewpoints – business and social sciences, respectively. Both of them are(More)
The important developmental starting-point of all and especially the advanced countries is the culture that represents all their subjects, fields and society levels. Recent research on sources of regional economic differences stresses the crucial role of culture, especially culture of the organizations—as most powerful institutions in modern society. For(More)