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Comparative study of unsymmetrical voltage sag effects on adjustable speed induction motor drives
This study analyses unsymmetrical voltage sag effects on the torque and speed deviation in induction motor (IM) adjustable speed drives. The following three general types of IM drives control areExpand
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Multi-Motor Drives for Crane Application
This paper focuses on the application of adjustable speed induction motor drives for gantry cranes. Modern solution considers application of frequency converters for all drives. Multi-motor drivesExpand
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Electrical Drives for Crane Application
A crane is the type of machine mainly used for handling heavy loads in different industry branches: metallurgy, paper and cement industry. By the construction, cranes are divided into the overheadExpand
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Practical Implementation of Multi-Motor Drives for Wide Span Gantry Cranes
Abstract– This paper relates to rail mounted wide span gantry cranes and especially to the design of anti-skewing controller. The hereby presented algorithm provides skew elimination according to aExpand
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Effects of Unsymmetrical Voltage Sags on Industrial Adjustable Speed Drives
This paper researches unsymmetrical voltage sag influence on torque ripple in scalar controlled (V/Hz), rotor field oriented (RFO) and direct torque controlled (DTC) drives. Electric drivesExpand
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Benchmarking of phase lock loop based synchronization algorithms for grid-tied inverter
In renewable energy-based generation sources a phase locked loop is one of the most popular synchronization techniques. A rapid and precise grid voltage phase and frequency estimation under a wideExpand
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Sensitivity of adjustable speed drives (ASDs) on voltage sag events represents one of the most challenging problems in modern industrial facilities. In this paper, a comprehensive experimentalExpand
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A Novel Repetitive Control Enhanced Phase-Locked Loop for Synchronization of Three-Phase Grid-Connected Converters
This paper proposes the enhancement of a synchronous reference frame phase-locked loop in terms of its dynamic response and disturbance rejection capability. The improvements were undertaken in orderExpand
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An Improved Scheme for Voltage Sag Override in Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drives
This paper analyses symmetrical and unsymmetrical voltage sag effects on the torque and speed deviation in direct torque controlled (DTC) induction motors (IMs) for adjustable speed drives (ASDs).Expand
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A Building Block Method for Modeling and Small-Signal Stability Analysis of the Autonomous Microgrid Operation
The task of the whole microgrid state-space matrix creation is usually done in a preferred textual programming language, and it presents a complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone job for aExpand