Vojislav Jovanović

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The Data Driven Design Optimization Methodology (DDDOM) is a Dynamic Data Driven Application System (DDDAS) developed for engineering design optimization. The DDDOM synergizes experiment and simulation in a concurrent integrated software system to achieve better designs in a shorter time. The data obtained from experiment and simulation dynamically guide(More)
We develop a new estimation technique for recovering depth-of-field from multiple stereo images. Depth-of-field is estimated by determining the shift in image location resulting from different camera viewpoints. When this shift is not divisible by pixel width, the multiple stereo images can be combined to form a super-resolution image. By modeling this(More)
This paper describes the necessity of the third-party testing and monitoring in the field of e-business infrastructure, with the emphasis on expanding into the wireless environments for improvement of the quality of service. Outlining the purpose for monitoring and testing, this paper shows the methods of overwhelming the current problems in the wireless(More)
In this paper we present a model Cyber Security course primarily designed to address the educational and training needs for developing secure software intensive systems. The course is designed, within a Computer Science curriculum, to satisfy the national requirements of the Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program (per DoD8570.01-Mfrom(More)
Opalized white tuff (OWT) with 40 μm average particle size and 39.3 m(2)/g specific surface area has been introduced into polyisoprene rubber (NR). Their reinforcing effects were evaluated by comparisons with those from precipitated silica (PSi). The cure characteristic, apparent activation energy of cross-link (E(ac)) and reversion (E(ar)), and mechanical(More)
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