Vojislav D. Radonjic

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It is widely recognized that the software community could make patterns an even more effective tool in problem solving. However, a major obstacle is organizing the system of concepts embodied in patterns from a point of view of a designer faced with design decision-making: the need to navigate spaces of problems and solutions presented in each pattern and(More)
Scenarios are vital for the specification of software systems. We are developing an open framework for the specification, execution, and conformance evaluation of scenarios. The scenarios define a contract which is bound to an implementation under test. The scenarios are executed by our framework to ensure conformance against the contract.
Scenarios are useful in modeling external behavior of a system, and design patterns are useful in bridging from what is required to how to build it in a given context. Together, scenarios and design patterns, can be a basis for an effective approach to modeling and evaluating alternative designs of event-driven reactive systems. However, both techniques are(More)
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