Voemir Kunchev

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Recent advances in the area of mobile robotics caused growing attention of the armed forces, where the necessity for unmanned vehicles being able to carry out the “dull and dirty” operations, thus avoid endangering the life of the military personnel. UAV offers a great advantage in supplying reconnaissance data to the military personnel on the ground, thus(More)
Individual phenotypes, phenotypical and genetic frequencies of the alpha-amylase enzyme have been established by means of populational genetic researches. The most common phenotype is AmylA Amyl2A (85.15%) followed by AmylA Amyl2A 2B (6.27%), AmylAIB Amyl2A (5.37%), Amyl IA Amyl2A 2B (2.15%), AmylA Amyl2B (0.53%), AmylC Amyl2B (0.35%), AmylC Amyl2A 2B(More)
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