Vlatka Pandžić Jakšić

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Chronic inflammation has arised as a major underlying cause of atherosclerosis, obesity and diabetes. It is mediated by cells of innate immune system like macrophages but also by their antecedents, circulating monocytes. Roles of monocyte subsets and different markers of monocyte activation in the context of metabolic disorders have been reviewed. Applying(More)
PURPOSE Monocytes actively participate in inflammatory mechanisms that contribute to the development of adipose tissue dysfunction and atherogenesis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of monocyte CCR2 chemokine receptor expression and intracellular oxidative burst with the metabolic and inflammatory factors related to body weight. (More)
The discovery of adipocytokines, products of adipose tissue, has been a turning point in the understanding of metabolic disorders. Historically considered as a passive depot of energy, adipose tissue has become an important active participant and adipocytokines crucial mediators of its metabolic role. Among a number of adipose tissue products, leptin and(More)
Multiple symmetric lipomatosis (MSL) is characterized by subcutaneous accumulation of nonencapsulated adipose tissue. In type 2 MSL accumulation occurs on proximal limbs, upper back and hips. This sometimes unrecognized disease is similar to an exaggerated female fat distribution and can be confused with simple obesity. Obesity is a heterogeneous disorder(More)
Two patients with features of multiple symmetric lipomatosis type 2 are presented. This particular disorder with a characteristic distribution of fat should be considered on differential diagnosis of obesity. Besides being rare, it may occasionally be unrecognized, especially in females. The etiology remains unknown; however, the association with high(More)
Antun Branko Simić, one of the greatest Croatian poets, died very young, at the age of 27, from tuberculosis. The history of his disease has not been reconstructed for eight decades although that could also open a more accurate view on his literary work. By uncovering the original documents, his disease and death could be positioned in historical, social(More)
The global obesity epidemic enhanced contemporary interest in adipose tissue biology. Two structurally and functionally distinct depots, subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) and visceral adipose tissue (VAT), are spread throughout the body. Their distribution was recognized to be a major determinant of metabolic risk. Unlike VAT, SAT showed some protective(More)
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