Vlastimir Nikolic

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Variable structure control with sliding mode, also called sliding mode control, is a particularly suitable as possible control solution in electro-hydraulic systems. In this paper, we apply the technique of the sliding mode control enhanced by fuzzy PI controller to a typical electro-hydraulic system, whose mathematical model accounts for the main(More)
An anti-lock braking system control is a rather difficult problem due to its strongly nonlinear and uncertain characteristics. To overcome these difficulties, robust control methods should be employed such as a sliding mode control. The aim of this paper is to give a short overview of sliding mode control techniques implemented in the control of ABS. The(More)
This paper addresses the problem of real‐time vision‐based human tracking to enable mobile robots to follow a human co‐worker. A novel approach to combine stereo vision‐based human detection with human tracking using a modified Kalman filter is presented. Stereo vision‐based detection combines features extracted from 2D stereo images with reconstructed 3D(More)
Keywords: Wind turbine Power coefficient Blade pitch angle Neuro-fuzzy ANFIS a b s t r a c t Wind energy has become a large contender of traditional fossil fuel energy, particularly with the successful operation of multi-megawatt sized wind turbines. However, reasonable wind speed is not adequately sustainable everywhere to build an economical wind farm. In(More)
Fluctuation of wind speed affects wind energy systems since the potential wind power is proportional the cube of wind speed. Hence precise prediction of wind speed is very important to improve the performances of the systems. Due to unstable behavior of the wind speed above different terrains, in this study fractal characteristics of the wind speed series(More)
In order to use the mobile robot platform for tracking particular moving objects it is necessary to develop intelligent top level control algorithm. In this paper a computational intelligence based object recognition algorithm in robot vision system is presented. The main goal of this research was to enable DaNI robot to recognize the particular Lego NXT(More)
• Lens system design represents a crucial factor for good image quality. • Optimization procedure is the main part of the lens system design methodology. • Soft computing methodologies optimization application. • Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) application. • Support vector regression (SVR application). a b s t r a c t Lens system design is an(More)