Vlastimir Nikolic

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We report here on the lateralized brain immunomodulation in male Wistar rats, a phenomenon related to the rotational bias of animal and the site of cortical lesion. Rats assigned to left- and right-rotators in a cylindrical Plexiglass rotometer were subjected to the ablation of the ipsilateral prefrontal cortex (PFC), parietal cortex (PC) and occipital(More)
Rats with lesions restricted to the locus ceruleus were tested for immune inflammatory reactions. In these rats, Arthus and delayed skin hypersensitivity reactions to bovine serum albumin and old tuberculin were suppressed. The ablation of locus ceruleus completely inhibited the development of clinical signs of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis,(More)
In an attempt to clarify the mechanisms underlying immunopotentiation induced by prolonged exposure of the rat brain to static magnetic fields, and to evaluate the role of the pineal gland in that phenomenon, experiments were carried out on the following groups of adult rats (maintained under a 12 hr light/12 hr dark photoperiod): pinealectomized rats (Px);(More)