Vlastimil Masek

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Over the last two decades, extensive studies and research have opened a new era for Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensing technologies. One of the new applications is the FBG based accelerometers. In various field applications, FBG based accelerometers are replacing conventional electronic sensors, due to their long term stability, high accuracy and low(More)
A novel concept of using a fiber optic technology to create a 3-D seismometer/accelerometer was proposed. The initial planar prototype exhibits a good linearity in the static calibration and less noisy signal in low-frequency dynamic tests. In the near future, a 3-D prototype will be subjected to a large set of tests in an environmental chamber to find the(More)
Modification of mechanical structure of a MEMS gyroscope can significantly improve stability and sensitivity of the sensor. The parameters, which can affect sensitivity and stability of a vibratory inertial sensor, include signal coupling between the drive and sense parts, different damping sources such as air-damping and thermo-elastic damping, and(More)