Vlasta Závisová

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OBJECTIVES The acute toxicity of magnetic nanoparticles was effectively lowered by their encapsulation with poly(D,L lactide). In relation to the idea to use magnetic nanoparticles in development of new delivery systems suitable for targeted drug administration, the toxicological profile of five types of magnetic fluids was assessed in mice. METHODS The(More)
The ultrasonic propagation in the water-based magnetic fluid with doubled layered surfactant shell was studied. The measurements were carried out both in the presence as well as in the absence of the external magnetic field. The thickness of the surfactant shell was evaluated by comparing the mean size of magnetic grain extracted from magnetization curve(More)
A 3D computer simulation of blood flow with a magnetic component was developed in the diffuse programing environment ROOT. The simulation allowed us to calculate the force on particles in the blood, and to find the conditions under which it is possible to confine them in a desired area, for instance for for safe and therapeutic release of medical products.
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