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OBJECTIVE Pesticide aerosols are frequently toxic irritants associated with respiratory symptoms and lung function impairment. METHODS A cross-sectional study examined the prevalence of acute and chronic respiratory symptoms and lung function abnormalities in 82 workers employed in processing pesticides and in 60 control workers not exposed to irritants(More)
Respiratory function and allergic reactions were studied in 101 male workers in paper recycling and in 87 nonexposed male control workers. Ventilatory capacity was measured by recording maximum expiratory flow-volume (MEFV) curves with readings on forced vital capacity (FVC), one-second forced expiratory volume (FEV1), and maximum expiratory flows at 50%(More)
The definition of occupational health has changed significantly over time to cover broader aspects of health care and to promote worker's health. Over the centuries, the relationship between workplace hazards and occupational health care has been influenced by the character of work, social evolution and changes in manufacture, economy and demographics of(More)
The relationship of skin reactivity and IgE serum level to the prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms and ventilatory capacity in workers exposed to different organic aerosols and in control workers is presented. In general, the exposed workers had a higher prevalence of positive skin tests to occupational allergens than the controls, with the exception(More)
The development of occupational medicine, its complexity and international position as well as the actual and anticipated tasks connected with modernisation of industry, workers' health protection and humanization of work is presented. Education in the field of occupational medicine is also evaluated. Eighteen countries: ten in Europe, United States of(More)
BACKGROUND Female practitioners of the medical arts have been active since the ancient world The role of women in science, and particularly in medicine, has changed significantly over time. METHODS We provide a chronological review of the growing knowledge in medicine related to women's activities through the ages with particular attention to occupational(More)
The ventilatory capacity was studied in a group of 1693 healthy farmers (1385 men and 308 women) in North Croatia. The measurement was performed on spirometer Pneumoscreen (Jaeger). In all subjects maximum expiratory flow volume curves (MEFV) were registered on which forced vital capacity (FVC), one second forced expiratory volume (FEV1) and flow rates 50%(More)
Respiratory symptoms and ventilatory capacity were studied in 259 female confectionary workers and in 65 non-exposed controls. Most of the chronic respiratory symptoms appeared more frequently among the exposed workers, particularly if they worked in exposure to flour, talc, starch, acids and alcohol. There was a high prevalence of acute symptoms that(More)
Regulation on medical examination prior to apprenticeship is built in the Act on Trades and Crafts. Medical examinations of the students before admission to secondary craft schools have been done regularly since 1993. Between 11,000 and 14,000 students are admitted to secondary craft schools in the Republic of Croatia annually. According to statistics,(More)
Health interview surveys are important source of health information. All previous adult population-based health interview surveys in Croatia until CroHort, were one-off projects with very limited possibility of data comparison. CroHort enabled repeated survey of CAHS 2003 respondents with almost identical questionnaire, thus providing comparable data on(More)