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Techniques and issues for the characterisation of an object-field representation that includes notions of semantics and uncertainty. The purpose of this model is to allow users to capture objects in field with internally variable levels of uncertainty, to visualize users' conceptualizations of those geographic domains, and to share their understanding with(More)
c We simulate the future scenario of crude oil export and production using ACEGES. c The simulated results are analyzed using the GAMLSS framework. c The peak points of oil export and production will come early in this century. c The OPCE Middle East will produce most of the world crude oil in the near future. c These countries will continuously be the key(More)
Keywords: ACEWEM Agent-based modelling Stochastic learning Wholesale power markets a b s t r a c t We propose a novel framework for experimental designs of liberalised wholesale power markets, namely the Agent-based Computational Economics of the Wholesale Electricity Market (ACEWEM) framework. Here, we describe a detailed market simulation whereby the(More)
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