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Four human Ankrd2 transcripts, reported in the Ensembl database, code for distinct protein isoforms (360, 333, 327 and 300 aa), and so far, their existence, specific expression and localization patterns have not been studied in detail. Ankrd2 is preferentially expressed in the slow fibers of skeletal muscle. It is found in both the nuclei and the cytoplasm(More)
Increased serum levels of acute-phase proteins in cancers are considered to be indicative for the presence of a tumour. Following radical treatment, their serum levels are expected to revert to normal. Haptoglobin and alpha-1 antitrypsin have important serum concentrations which allow precision in the detection of their variations. The aim of the study was(More)
The last few years have withnessed the significant increase of febrile neutropenias caused by diphteroids. In fact, with the development of bacterologically protected units, saprophytic bacteria--including diphteroids 0 became increasingly important in the aethiology of febrile neutropenias. Over the period from April 1986 to December 1992, in the(More)
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